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Our goal as an e-book review site are to bring the readers directly to the authors. Our reviewers are people who love the power of the written word, and want to show their appreciation of it in written format. We take books into our keeping, to then convey this passion in reviews and give them voice.

How our system works: after we have received the completed request form, they are uploaded to a database where our readers pick and choose from a variety of genres. Once it is chosen, the owner or administrator will contact the author or publisher, and ask for a copy of the PDF(s), where it is then forwarded to the reviewer.

If a reviewer didn't feel they enjoyed the book as much as someone else might and would score it below a three on our rating-system, they are asked to move on so we can re-offer the book to someone who may appreciate it more. Review requests are kept for three-months, and if left untouched, are removed from the files.

Siren Book Reviews' philosophy behind this is that if a reviewer is allowed to choose a book that sounds interesting, rather than the site assigning them to reviewers, they will have a better time reading the book.

To submit a review request, please fill out our online form or visit Siren Book Reviews.

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