Kayden McLeod

Dear Reader,

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, with my houseful of animals and a computer I might as well be shackled to.

I've been writing about this world of vampires, magic, ghosts, witches, demons and beyond since I was seventeen, still possessing that first 140,000-word book that took me almost five years to write. That one book multiplied, and still does. While it started everything, it has been split up, fragmented till all is now, is an outline.

Having a weakness for vampire folklore, movies and books for more years than I can count, it shaped my figurative realm in so many ways, but many more characters have also popped up in the last year or two. There are even Deities kicking around, with their own mischief to be had.

To date, this string of books I've written break down into so many series that intertwine and collide, giving the chance for the characters to grow in so many ways. And there is still so much to write, so many ideas to be had...

But I hope the end result is a book that you can't put down until the very end, but that is every new author's fondest wish, isn't it?

Happy Reading...

Kayden McLeod
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