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WELCOME to a world where everything isn't quite what it seems...

Everyday, ignorant humans walk among many different kinds of people that look just like them, speak and act just like the way mankind expects them to. Most of these beings take extreme measures to ensure all of us continue to foolishly believe that.

But some don't. Some of them don't care about you or anyone else not their own. We are cattle to a lot of the other races that share this earth with us, but even those vampire Rogues who cannot obey the most basic laws of their kind have to face an opposing force.

Their government rises to unimaginable proportions, named simply the Council. They're the ultimate establishment, overrun with corruption and greed, but even then, there are the good ones who believe in the old customs.

They feel the need to keep humanity ignorant and safe. And these true dealers of justice will always stand behind humanity and keep them as whole as they possibly can.

In this regard, some of you are unknowingly lucky and should get down on your knees and thank those who saved your lives. They're the only ones standing between us and complete bloodshed so severe WW3 would never compete with it.

For these vampires are not quite what you've read about in any book. Discard most of your popular beliefs, for not even garlic and crosses will deter them, not if they have you in their sight, and they're hungry.

But never forget, there are even scarier things out there than just an everyday vampire.

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